Our topic is "IT-Grundschutz" - the german information security standard. So why on earth should we introduce our services in English?

First of all: "IT-Grundschutz" is only the german implementation of ISO 27001, it still is an international standard. For our international customers ask for consultance service in english language as well.

Still in most cases the trigger for the request is in Germany: If an organisation choses a "Grundschutz" certificate, all cases of outsourcing (hosting, housing, cloud services) have to be included in the scope. The service provider will be audited during the organisation's certification process - if it has no own "Grundschutz" certificate. So receiving a certificate is a selling point for the provider. It reduces the cost (and the risk of failure) for the german customer - a veritable bonus or even a must-have in competitive tenders.

The certificate documentation can be in English and we can help you to compile it. Just get in touch with us to discuss how we can be of assistance.